Baby hand and foot impressions shadowbox
Custom baby gift keepsake shadowbox
Gift for mom or dad, baby hands and feet impressions shadowbox


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The original bronzed impressions.   The first set of impressions were made in the 1940’s at a nursery in Denver Colorado.  Since then thousands of families around world have made our ovals a family tradition.   These classic ovals compliment any decor and make a great gift for any precious new mom or grandmother.   Impressions are made from a kit you can do at home or you can work with one of our many casting consultants.  Babies grow so fast!  So don’t wait to capture this moment in time. 

Protect your Patty-Cakes investment from dust and finger prints by upgrading to a high quality solid wood shadowbox.  The 16 x 12 solid wood shadowbox comes with black velvet backing an oval for a picture and glass that slides our for easy cleaning.   

  • Your child's actual impressions
  • Can be hand/foot or hand/hand or foot/foot
  • Antique Bronze or Silver Metal Finish
  • Black, Cherry & Walnut Wood Finishes
  • Machine Engraving on each oval w/ name, age and birthdate - optional inscriptions available 
  • No Polishing
  • Lifetime Guarantee




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