Our Story

The Patty-Cakes® History
Patty-Cakes® are the original idea of Mrs. Irene Theis of Denver, Colorado. In the late 1940's, Mrs. Theis association with the Denver University Nursery led her to conceive the idea of creating small hand prints of her nursery children to give as gifts to their mothers. This simple idea of making prints resulted in an enjoyable hobby and ultimately, became a successful nationwide business.

After 41 years of doing Patty-Cakes®, Mrs. Theis sold Patty-Cakes®,  the Home Office moved to Montgomery, Alabama and was renamed Patty-Cakes® International, Inc. Although changing ownership in 2008 and again in 2016, Patty-Cakes® continues to provide parents and families all over with the world with the joy and happiness of our handcrafted heirloom keepsakes.   As we celebrate our 71st year in business we look forward to continuing this time honored tradition with your family and helping new families start their own Patty-Cakes tradition.