Creating Bronzed Heirlooms

& Family Traditions Since 1946


76 Years of High Quality BRONZED Heirlooms

What are Patty-Cakes?

Patty-Cakes are actual bronzed or silver impression castings made from your babies hand & foot.   We also now offer our heirloom products for every member of your family, including pets (Patty-Paws) and teens or adults .  Each of our products comes with a lifetime guarantee and are heirloom quality. They capture a brief moment in time for you to treasure for many years to come.   They are precious today...priceless tomorrow.

How it works

There are 2 ways to get Patty-Cakes® & Patty-Paws™. You can order from our website here and we will ship you a kit with complete instructions on how to capture your impressions at home. Using our kit allows you to do impressions on your own time and when it is most convenient for your child.

Or if you prefer someone to help you with your impressions & order we have Casting Consultants located through out the US, click this link to find a list of our active consultants Find A Casting Consultant .   


I wanted to let you know how thrilled my husband and I are with your product! The molds of our sons hand and foot are so well done and I know we will treasure them for years to come! Thank you so much! 

Sarah, New York, NY

My mom had my siblings and I Patty- Cakes done when we were babies. I knew whenever I had my children that I would most definitely have to continue it on. It’s such a precious & sentimental piece. With each child the experience was great. I couldn’t be more pleased

Karlee, Montgomery, AL

My parents used Patty-Cakes 28 years ago to cast all 6 of their children's hands in bronze. When we had our first child we purchased the medium shadowbox. It is my favorite decoration in the house and we treasure it greatly. It is fun to see how tiny our son's hands and feet were when he was a newborn. We have our second child on the way and will be purchasing the same item from Patty-Cakes when the baby is born!The owner of Patty Cakes reached out to us directly to answer our questions and our experience from beginning to end was amazing. Thank you Patty Cakes for creating this memory for us and we're excited to use you again!

Brooke - Gilbert, Arizona

Mrs. Jill - I cannot thank you enough for what you and your company do! You have no idea what patty cakes means to us! They turned out absolutely amazing and thank you for being so patient with my girl the day of! The Mathis Family 

The Mathis Family, Alabama