Business Opportuntities

Thank you for contacting us about our exciting Patty-Cakes Consultant Business opportunities. Unfortunately, due to legal restrictions in certain states, Patty-Cakes® is currently unable to establish new Consultants in the following areas: North Carolina, Maine, Minnesota and South Dakota.  Other areas may be affected by territorial restrictions from previously established Franchises.  Please contact us for specific details in your particular area.


"We Love this Business!!"

We can help you start your keepsake business with our proven "Ready-To-Go" Consultant Starter Kit, beautiful bronze product samples, video training and assistance, four-color promotional literature, a variety of promotional items, a complete Business Guide and a Home Office staff ready to help you every step of the way.

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The Patty-Cakes® Story

Patty-Cakes® are the original idea of Mrs. Irene Theis of Denver, Colorado. In the late 1940's, Mrs. Theis association with the Denver University Nursery led her to conceive the idea of creating small hand prints of her nursery children to give as gifts to their mothers. This simple idea of making prints resulted in an enjoyable hobby and ultimately, became a successful nationwide business.

After 41 years of doing Patty-Cakes®, Mrs. Theis sold her organization, the Home Office moved to Montgomery, Alabama and was renamed Patty-Cakes® International, Inc. Although the business of Patty-Cakes® has grown tremendously over the last 60 years, the original idea for giving Patty-Cakes® has remained very simple. Mothers and Fathers everywhere still enjoy the pride and happiness found in their children's Patty-Cakes®. That continues to be our motivation for the entire Patty-Cakes® organization. We are happy that you are considering joining us in the ever-growing Patty-Cakes® family. Whether you want to earn additional income or start a full-time career, Patty-Cakes® International, Inc. is anxious to serve you.

A simple idea over 65 years ago by one creative woman now provides numerous opportunities today for others to create their own success. Your success can be realized through a Patty-Cakes® Keepsake Consultant Business. You can work from home in your spare-time or full-time.

It's fun and exciting.... and best of all.... PROFITABLE FOR YOU!

The Process
The manufacturing process we use to make Patty-Cakes® is a developed skill that is very similar to the original process Mrs. Theis developed in 1946. As a Consultant licensee, you will accomplish the first four steps in the Patty-Cakes® 35 step process. We then take the natural impression castings you send us and put them through an additional 31 steps that result in a finished antique bronzed product of superb quality. Every step of the process is done by hand and we carefully inspect the finished product at every turn. Our unique process usually takes about 6-8 weeks to complete. We are very proud that Patty-Cakes® has an outstanding reputation of high quality and superior workmanship. We remain committed to maintaining our high standards and we know when your customer holds the bronzed hand of their child, you'll appreciate it too!

What to expect as a Patty-Cakes® Keepsake Consultant
Your expectations as a Patty-Cakes® Keepsake Consultant are whatever YOU would like them to be! We know from experience that the first and most important expectation is the opportunity to create a solid income day after day. Fortunately for us, babies are a never ending market. They are born each and every day. Each child is a prospective sale to you and as families continue to grow, so do the opportunities for you to sell additional Patty-Cakes® products. We agree with our top Patty-Cakes® sellers that to maintain high levels of success you should apply the following four principles:

1) Expect to be successful
A great attitude will build not only your enthusiasm, but will be reflected to your customers. Enthusiasm sells and it's easy to maintain because you're providing parents with a permanent, gleaming bronze keepsake of their own child. They'll be excited... and so will you.

1940's Patty-Cakes®

Patty-Cakes® Today!

2 ) Be sold on your product
If you don't believe it's the best, then why should your customers? We know from experience that Patty-Cakes® are the finest, heirloom quality keepsakes in the market. We use genuine wood mounts and shadow boxes and our bronzed plating is warranted for a lifetime.

3) Learn proper techniques for showcasing and presenting your product
Attractive, well organized presentations allow you to show your products in their best light. We'll help you do that with an optional quality sales presentation catalog that showcases our products and helps you explain to your customers how best to display their child's keepsake.

4) See people daily and set a daily goal.
The more people you contact with Patty-Cakes®, the greater your opportunities to sell your product. It is a simple matter of numbers! And the numbers are born and brought home everyday... right in your own neighborhood! As a Keepsake Consultant, periodically, you'll be receiving our newsletter entitled Impressions. It is filled with tips and ideas to help you market Patty-Cakes® in your area. Rest assured, we want you to succeed! Just because you've made the decision to be in business for yourself, doesn't mean you have to be in business by yourself.

Building Your Business
Finding prospective customers for Patty-Cakes® is simple! Any family with children is a great prospect.... while small babies are optimum, even families with older children provide a great source of potential business. All people are sentimental about their children.... and you can provide them with a priceless service: preserving their precious memories forever.

Our Patty-Paws™ products allow you to target people with pets. These can be people whose children are grown and now their pet is their "baby"! 

When starting your own Patty-Cakes® business, we can provide you with complete marketing tools and make suggestions of places and situations where you can contact prospective customers. Patty-Cakes® has years of experience in finding potential customers. We'll help you develop your business with personal friends and relatives, people you work with, neighbors and even organizations that you are in. In addition to these, we'll add our knowledge in gaining additional Patty-Cakes® business through the use of baby birth announcements, tapping children's photographers, using store displays, attending fairs and shows, traditional cold calling, the use of unmanned displays, organizing home parties and more! Many new customers can be found in referrals from current customers. We believe that market awareness and "good old fashioned effort" will yield a great quantity of potential customers. We'll help you every step of the way!

Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Q. What qualifications does Patty-Cakes® International, Inc. look for in screening applicants?
A. Patty-Cakes® International, Inc. reviews all applicants to determine the existence of specific factors that we have found to be essential to a business owner's success - outside sales experience, work history, general business experience, financial liquidity, education and the individual's personal experience. We ask that all interested parties complete our simple Keepsake Consultant License Application so we can gain insight into their personal and professional background. This application process does not obligate you to purchase anything.

Q. How profitable can I be as a Patty-Cakes® Keepsake Consultant?
A. Due to various federal and state laws and regulations relating to the marketing of business opportunities, Patty-Cakes® International, Inc. does not represent any specific profit potential to prospective licensees. Generally speaking, if you charge your customers our suggested retail prices, you can expect a net return of 45% on every order sold. We can provide you with a list of current business owners who may provide you with their personal experience. But let's face it, there are so many potential sales to newborn babies in any given area, your profit potential is only limited by you.

Q. Will I have a protected territory?
A. In the past, Patty-Cakes® International, Inc. sold only exclusive territories through a network of Franchises and Business Dealers. However, we have found the growing interest in this type of product can easily sustain several Consultants in any given area. So, while we do still offer Franchise opportunities with protected territories, we feel that consultants can do just as well, and with a much smaller investment. If you are interested in a Franchise opportunity, please call us and we'll go over the details of our Franchise Agreements. At the present time, there are many areas of the country where there are currently no Consultants offering our keepsake products. In that case, you'll have a chance to be the "first on the block" offering these timeless keepsakes. Don't hesitate to get started building your business now! PLEASE NOTE: Patty-Cakes® Franchisees operate in some parts of the country and have "exclusive" rights to their area. If you operate near one of these protected areas, you may have some limitations placed on where you may take customer orders. Patty-Cakes® is not legally able to operate in some states.  For details about any given area, please ask us specifically.
Q. How much does a Patty-Cakes® Business Opportunity cost?
A. Current Patty-Cakes® Keepsake Consultant business opportunities are $499 - and that includes your Starter Kit of equipment! Additional equipment or supplies can be purchased separately that allow you to design your own starter kit.
Q. Is there an additional Royalty Fee to operate my Patty-Cakes® Business Opportunity?
A. No! As with most business opportunities, by law, Patty-Cakes® does not allow you to use our Patty-Cakes® trademark as your business name. But, for example, you can call your business "Katie's Keepsakes" - An Independent Patty-Cakes® Consultant and that would be just fine. You just can't use our name in your business name. If you did that, it would be considered a franchise. Not only would we have to charge you more for the business up-front, you'd also be required to pay a monthly royalty fee to maintain your business.
Q. What is the next step in become a Patty-Cakes® Keepsake Consultant?
A. Just contact us via e-mail or phone and request an application. Let us know that you've reviewed this information and would like to get more details. You'll be under absolutely no obligation to purchase! In return, we'll send you information on how you can become the newest member of the Patty-Cakes® keepsake family!

The A,B,C's of Opening your Business


To begin the business opportunity process, contact us and request Consultant Business Opportunity information. We'll forward that to you via email and we'll ask you to fill out and return our Keepsake Consultant License Application. We will review the application to determine whether you meet the standards we have set for business opportunity owners. Your completion of the application will not obligate either of us in any way. It is merely an expression of your interest.

Beginning Interview

If we determine from your application that you meet our preliminary standards, you will be contacted by a member of our staff to discuss your interest in owning and operating a Patty-Cakes® Keepsake Consultant business. At this time, we will outline all of the exciting possibilities available to you and answer any questions you may have. You're getting closer to your dream of operating your very own profitable business.

Calls & Agreements

Following the successful completion of an interview, our Patty-Cakes® International, Inc. representative will begin discussing the details of your individual situation. They'll want details on your community and your own ideas for marketing this business. At that time, we can forward you a personalized copy of our Keepsake Consultant License Agreement for your review.


We're getting much closer now! Once the approval process is completed, you're satisfied that this the right opportunity for you and your Agreement is signed, you are ready to embark on an exciting new career... one that will bring you lots of satisfaction and potential income.


Welcome to the Patty-Cakes® Family!

This is where the excitement really begins - the evolution from the time you initially anticipated operating your own business to the day you serve your first customer. When we have finalized your Keepsake Consultant License Agreement, your Patty-Cakes® International, Inc. representative will begin assisting you with the various steps of the opening process, including:

* Determining your business location and best methods of operation.

* Handling of your new equipment and Patty-Cakes® samples.

* Securing a thorough knowledge of the "how to's" of making and producing Patty-Cakes®.

Final Preparation

This includes specific video training on the actual steps involved in making impressions and pouring a finished casting. We'll also help you create winning sales presentations and you'll be supplied with a complete Business Guide electonically to teach you every aspect of our unique opportunity. Additionally, you'll have access to additional promotional items through a Promotional Items Order Form and a Home Office team that is ready to assist you in any way we can. We're always handy to the telephone or e-mail and we can suggest ways to overcome anything you might encounter.

Grand Opening

Congratulations and Good Luck!

Whether you operate from a storefront or your own home, your relationship with Patty-Cakes® International, Inc. is just beginning. As a Patty-Cakes® Consultant, you are part of a special family. Your success is important to us. This is when all your dreams become reality. Grab those dreams today!!!

Simply e-mail us at

and request a Keepsake Consultant License Application

(Please include your Name and complete U.S. Mailing Address with your request)

Patty-Cakes International, Inc. * 1726 West Third Street * Montgomery, AL 36106 * 334-272-2826